You may have noticed…

You may have noticed that our hours have been hit and miss in the last couple of weeks.  There’s a reason for that.

Most of you know that we are a small (literally small, there are just 2 of us!), family owned business.  We aren’t your average Mom and Pop shop.  We’re your average Mom and Daughter shop lol.

Page has been having some health problems and is taking some time away from the shop to focus on getting well.  And that leaves just Amy trying to keep everything running.

So please, the next time you want to call the shop and complain about our hours not being convenient for you or you want to leave us a negative Google review or Facebook post about you wasting your time coming by the shop only to find the door locked, try to remember that we are human beings.  And we are trying our best.

Thank you for your understanding while we work short-handed.

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